The 1st International Scientific Conference «Professional Discourses 1: Research and Education»


Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU), Minsk, Belarus

Field Committee on Discourse Linguistics of the International Committee of Slavists,

Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University

Center of Applied Linguistics of the University of Latvia, Riga

Institute of Foreign Languages of Jan Kohanowski University in Kielce, Poland





Dear colleagues,


It is our pleasure to inform you that the 1st International Scientific Conference «Professional Discourses 1: Research and Education» organized on the initiative of Eastern European and Slavic discourse researchers community will be held in Minsk, Belarus, in September 28–30, 2017. The conference host is the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU).


The aim of the event is to open a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural discussion on raising the standards of teaching professional discourses together with extending research on:

1)     Professional discourses and the discourse of scientific disciplines as an object of theoretical research and knowledge:

  • Theory, methodology, research procedures, theoretical modeling, problems of classification, genre representation, etc.

2)     Professional discourses and other scientific fields discourses as an object of applied research and knowledge:

  •  The problems of representation: specialized dictionaries of different types, specialized readers and other types of academic literature in the context of global science;
  • Professional discourse in the context of institutionalized and interpersonal interaction. Professional discourse communities. Representation of professional communities in the Internet site space;
  • Cross-cultural and inter-cultural aspects of professional and scientific interaction;
  • Launching scientific journals and book series in Lingua Franca: problems of editing.

3)     Terminological systems of professional and scientific fields.

4)     Professional discourses and translation.

5)     Discourse expertise in the context of interdisciplinary knowledge.


In the framework of the conference, we welcome the following formats of participation:

  • Plenary sessions (30 min reports with question-answers included);
  • Round tables (5-7 participants, 100 min session with 10-15 min questions-answers included);
  • Lectures (50 min each with 10-15 min Q-As included);
  • Presentations of readers on professional discourses, dictionaries of professional terminology (on request of the participants);
  • Session of virtual reports (on-line or in the formats of video films for the participants by correspondence; 20-25 minutes with Q-As if online);
  • Master-classes (not more than 45 min with 10 min Q-As session to the performer);
  • Session of poster reports for MA and PhD students;
  • Joint meeting of the Field Committee of Discourse Linguistics and members of the project @Professional Discourses;
  • An open meeting of the members of the Field Committee on Discourse Linguistics


(!) We welcome group applications for our Round table format events.

(!) For those who wish we can organize sightseeing tours (details will follow).


The working languages of the conference are English, Russian and Belarusian. Please, inform the organizing committee, if you need oral translation during plenary post-report discussions or other social contexts. If necessary, we can help with oral translation during the plenary session.

We cordially ask the participants of the organization committee to send us your ideas and suggestions on the following:

1)     suggest the key lectures of the conference (one from your country as the country-participant);

2)     suggest the plenary speakers from your country (for direct participation and by correspondence);

3)     suggest the title for a round table, invite the participants from your professional discourse community and send or advise the group to send a collective application for the conference participation; (the organizing committee can also suggest spontaneous round tables based on individual applications in case their topics are intercrossing.




To participate in the conference one is to keep the time schedule:  


  • By April 10, 2017 submitting abstracts in any conference language (350 words) and the application form filled;
  • By April 30, 2017receiving the invitation with relevant information;
  • By May 10, 2017  Early payment fee, which is: 60 EUR for all participants but for postgraduates (40 EUR), Belarusian participants (40 BR) and Belarusian postgraduates (20 BR);
  • By June 27, 2017  Participant fee is 80 EUR;
  • By September 10 Payment fee is 100 EUR;
  • For the guests without presentations the fee is 15 EUR (15 BR for Belarusians).


Participants cover transport, accommodation and board expenses by themselves or their institutions.




We plan three publications with the conference material (each may be enriched by additional material, if the editorial board of the series find it necessary):

  • In our English language scientific series “Discourse Linguistics and Beyond”, vol. 4. “Professional discourses: Research and Education”. D-ART: Sprachlit, Regensburg (Germany).
  • In our Russian language scientific series “La Table Ronde”, vol 3. «Професссиональные дискурсы», вып 3. Минск: Изд-во БНТУ.
  • In our new Belarusian language scientific seriesПрафесiйныя дыскурсы», вып.1. Мiнск: выд. БНТУ


In case you choose to publish in each of these volumes, you need to negotiate it with the organizational committee.





  • June 10, 2017 - submitting articles for publication in English. Publication is planned as volume 4 of the scientific series “Discourse Analysis and Beyond” in the editorial house “Sprachlit”, Regensburg, Germany;
  • June 20, 2017 - submitting articles for publication in Russian and / or Belarusian. Publication is planned as volume 3 of the scientific series “La Table Ronde” in the editorial house of BNTU, Minsk, Belarus.




For abstracts:

a 350-word abstract in Windows-based Microsoft Word (14 point Times New Roman font; A4-size single-spaced; all the margins – 2 cm; single line spacing) with no references. Submit to E-mail:




for the English and Russian language articles

(max 24000 signs) “Sprachlit”, Regensburg, Germany;

(max 15000 signs) BNTU, Minsk, Belarus:

Page size - B5;

font: Cambria, font sizes:

title of parts 16, title of chapter 11, subtitle 11;

block quotations 10, footnotes 10, references 10, contents 10

margins: inside 2,54 outside 2,04 up 2,54 down 2,54

spacing:   between lines multiple 1,1

between paragraphs 6 pt

indentures: block quotations 1,00 cm

(sample for formatting is attached)

Format sample in English and Russian will be sent with a second secular letter.










Academic degree


Affiliation (of work or study)


For Master and Research Students: name of your supervisor and his/her academic degree)



Title of the article


Abstract (350 words)


Participation without paper presentations



One of 5 conference topics (directions of discussion) chosen



Post address


Phone number


Email address


Length of participation in the conference



part-time (from ___ to ___ )

Hotel reservation

from _________ to ________ 2017


• single-room


• no need

Do you need entrance visa?

  • yes
  • no


(Note!) If you need an ENTRANCE VISA, please, send information from the main page of your passport (where your name, passport number, date of issue, date of expiring, etc. are given) or a Xerox copy of this page. We will get in touch with you upon this matter on receiving your application (as a rule, visas for conference participation are given free of charge).